Wavey Zante



Sabotage Club 5pm

Duration of Event

5 hours of non-stop partying


Sabotage Club

The Party

Think the best summer anthems, dancing away with friends, the summer heat shining down on you, drinks flowing and hundreds of others on board having the best day of your summer - Wavey Zante is here.

Wavey Zante is your number 1 party of the summer 2019 in Zante. Celebrity appearances, renowned DJ’s, an hour free bar, drinking games, the blue waters of Zakynthos and one non stop 5 hour fuelled party.

We are here to provide you with the best party of your holiday and some unforgettable memories!

Wavey Zante is guaranteed to be a sell out so don’t miss out!! Reserve your tickets today for only £1! Spaces are Limited!

VIP Upgrade

Live the VIP lifestyle on board, enjoy table service, free tray of shots, a free bottle of champagne and your own private area on board. It’s a no brainer - VIP tables are limited so reserve yours today to avoid missing out!

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All of our dates and spaces are extremely popular - don’t leave your plans down to the last minute and risk missing out on the party of the summer.

Reserve your tickets today for only £1 - You’ll then receive your confirmation of booking and you can relax knowing you have the best party of the summer to look forward to. Don’t miss out, reserve your tickets today and get #Wavey with us this summer!

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